Achieve a More Uniform Smile
with Dental Bonding

If you feel self-conscious about minor cosmetic flaws like dental chips, cracks, or stains, Dr. Michael D. Haight offers dental bonding to enhance the appearance of your smile. Using composite resin material, we can alter the shape, size, and shade of teeth to complement your unique facial features. To provide high-quality results to our Albuquerque, NM, patients, we can incorporate our advanced digital imaging systems and dental cone beam CT (computed tomography) scanner to format a precise and effective treatment plan.

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Dental bonding can effectively address dental chips and cracks, as well as broken teeth to help you achieve a more uniform smile.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding can be used to restore teeth weakened by chips or cracks, or brighten teeth dulled by dental staining. During treatment, we can carefully sculpt a composite resin material over the tooth surface to address a variety of concerns, including:

  • Small fractures: If your tooth has sustained small chips or cracks, dental bonding can repair the tooth structure. Treating a chipped tooth immediately not only improves aesthetics, but also strengthens the tooth and prevents further breakage.
  • Misshapen teeth: We can elongate your tooth or widen your tooth using composite resin. This treatment is an effective way to improve symmetry and proportionality.
  • Minor misalignment: When a tooth is slightly crooked, bonding material can be placed to improve alignment.
  • Spacing: If there are gaps between the teeth, composite can be added to close the spaces.
  • Tooth discoloration: If you have severe dental staining or intrinsic (internal) discoloration, dental bonding can help you achieve a bright, white smile. For patients who have recently undergone orthodontic treatment, bonding can mask discrepancies in tooth color at the site of brackets.

At Parkway Dental, we can tint the composite resin material to match the natural shade of your smile.

Using composite resin material, we can alter the shape, size, and shade of teeth to complement your unique facial features.

Candidates for Dental Bonding

If you wish to address minor cosmetic imperfections, you may be a candidate for dental bonding. As with any cosmetic dental procedure, you must be in good health before beginning treatment. If you have more pressing dental issues, such as extensive tooth decay or periodontal disease, we must first provide effective restorative treatment. Additionally, if you smoke, we recommend stopping before treatment, as tobacco causes tooth discoloration. As a result, current smokers may not achieve optimal results with dental bonding. 

Modern Diagnostic Imaging

To determine the extent of bonding necessary, we can take advanced images of your smile. These scans enable our team to assess your teeth, gums, and jawbone for a more comprehensive diagnosis. At Parkway Dental's Albuquerque, NM, office, we are committed to your safety and are proud to incorporate the latest technology into treatment. Our digital x-ray system and dental cone beam CT scanner provide high-quality radiographs. For your benefit, modern digital imaging units emit 90 percent less radiation than conventional x-ray machines. Digital imaging also allows Dr. Haight to manipulate the images, viewing them from multiple perspectives. Using modern technology, we can provide our patients with accurate and efficient treatment.

Achieve Your Ideal Smile

Whether you wish to improve the function or appearance of your smile, dental bonding may be the solution for you. If you would like to learn more about dental bonding or the other cosmetic procedures we provide, schedule a consultation with Dr. Haight by contacting us online or calling our office at (505) 298-7479.

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