Painless Laser Dentistry

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Dr. Michael Haight use a host of advanced laser technology to aid in the precise treatment of different dental concerns at our Albuquerque, NM, dental office. These lasers allow our doctors to perform necessary procedures without causing any pain, so there is limited need for anesthetics. Laser dentistry also reduces bleeding when working with soft tissues and reduces the risk of infection. This state-of-the-art technology offers greater precision than ever before, making it a more conservative alternative to traditional dental drills.

Lasers at Parkway Dental

With our advanced laser technology, we can treat complications affecting both the hard and soft tissues. Our WaterLase system allows Dr. Haight to treat decayed teeth conservatively and painlessly. WaterLase uses a combination of laser energy, water, and air to precisely remove decay without causing pain or additional damage. As a result, we can preserve more of the healthy tooth structure.

Our soft tissue diode lasers are ideal for periodontal treatments. When treating gum disease, our diode lasers can precisely remove diseased tissues and relocate healthy tissues to protect the tooth roots, all with minimal bleeding. These lasers are also great when a high level of precision is needed to create a perfectly scalloped gum line, reducing the appearance of a gummy smile during cosmetic procedures.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are countless benefits of laser dentistry, especially when compared with the traditional use of dental drills. Traditional drills generate friction, which causes heat and discomfort. These sensations ultimately lead to pain, and can also lead to tiny fractures and heat damage in your teeth. Additionally, with a traditional drill, we are often forced to remove more healthy tissue than is necessary. All of these factors weaken your tooth structure and leave you vulnerable to further damage and infection.

Whether you need to have a cavity filled, are in need of root canal therapy, or need treatment for gum disease, we can use lasers to make these procedures painless and effective.

With laser dentistry, most procedures are entirely painless, so there is no need to administer an anesthetic. You will not have to deal with your lips, tongue, or face feeling numb after getting a filling. Lasers also allow for greater accuracy and precision, so Dr. Haight remove only the decayed or diseased tissues, leaving your healthy tissues in tact. Our lasers also reduce the amount of damage caused to your healthy tissues during the procedure, and they reduce bleeding and swelling. As a result, you have a much lower risk of infection and can enjoy a shorter, more comfortable recovery.

The versatility of our lasers means we can use laser dentistry in almost all of the procedures we perform. Whether you need to have a cavity filled, are in need of root canal therapy, or need treatment for gum disease, we can use lasers to make these procedures painless and effective.

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