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Teeth Cleaning

Even with good oral care, plaque and tartar can build up upon your teeth and gums, causing cavities, infected root canals, and gum disease.

 Dr. Michael Haight, the caring dentist at Parkway Dental, can prevent those problems during teeth cleanings with Guided Biofilm Therapy® .

If you're ready for a clean, healthy smile, visit our friendly family dentistry practice, located in Albuquerque, NM.

Wondering How Often You Should Visit Our Dentist?

Patients should receive at least two dental cleanings a year.
Biannual teeth cleanings give our dentist the opportunity to remove plaque and tartar, as well as assess your overall oral health. We use Guided Biofilm Therapy, a state-of-the-art technique that improves the effectiveness of this necessary treatment. Some patients may need to visit our Albuquerque, NM, dental office more frequently if they have a family history of tooth decay or if they have gum disease.

Get to Know the Welcoming Team At Our Family Dental Practice

Patients of all ages can visit Dr. Haight for regular teeth cleanings and exams. He encourages patients to look after their oral health and empowers them with the resources to make it all possible. See why patients appreciate him and the rest of our friendly Albuquerque, NM, team during your next dental cleaning.

How We Empower You To Care for Your Teeth at Home

The best method to improve your oral hygiene is combining excellent in-office and at-home care. Our dentist prides himself in teaching his patients about dental care after their teeth cleanings with Guided Biofilm Therapy. He can assist you with:

Technique Advice

After your next teeth cleaning, Dr. Haight will be happy to give you tips on brushing and flossing. You can even ask him to demonstrate proper techniques.

Product Recommendations

Not sure which type of toothbrush, floss, or toothpaste is right for your smile? Our dentist may be able to offer a customized recommendation.

Patient Education

Dr. Haight takes the time to educate patients on their conditions, health, and treatment options. He wants to ensure you truly understand how to best care for your teeth.

A Dentist Albuquerque Trusts

"I would recommend Dr. Haight in a heartbeat. No question, he's one of the best dentist I've run into from the East Coast all the way to Alaska. And I would fly anywhere to come and visit him, instead of letting another practitioner take care of me." Benton, a Real Parkway Dental Patient

Choose a Dentist Dedicated to Albuquerque

As an Albuquerque native, our dentist has a passion for this community. He considers it an honor to practice in his hometown.

Dr. Haight works hard to help Albuquerque residents look and feel their best.

From teaching you how to floss properly to offering a dental membership plan, you'll always be his priority.

This level of compassion has led patients and their families to return to Parkway Dental year after year.

If you want to meet the dentist they've trusted since 1995, contact us about a Guided Biofilm Therapy® dental cleaning or call:

(505) 298-7479

Dr. Michael Haight
Dr. Haight believes in giving back beyond Albuquerque. He also visits Guatemala to take care of patients in need of dental treatment. That's because he truly cares about others—and their oral health.

Meet Dr. Haight

Sedation Options Are Available


Dental cleanings aren't especially uncomfortable, but we understand that some patients need a little extra help feeling comfortable. This is why we offer multiple kinds of dental sedation, including nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation.

We Use Advanced Digital X-Rays During Dental Visits

How do we know your teeth are truly clean and healthy? Simple: our dentist invests in advanced technology like digital X-rays.

They're safe and radiation-free, giving you peace of mind about your health. They also allow for more precise examinations so that Dr. Haight can accurately examine the health of your teeth.

For instance, digital X-rays can make it easier for him to detect small cavities before they become serious issues. This can result in quicker, easier, and more affordable treatment.

Albuquerque's Go-To Office For Beautiful, Healthy Teeth


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Absolutely the best Dental Practice in Albuquerque! Caring and responsive staff and state - of - the - art equipment.

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Another fabulous dental cleaning at Parkway Dental! For 10+ years I’ve been going to Parkway and always receive wonderful care and treatment. Thank you Dr Haight.

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The Teeth Cleaning Timeline  With Guided Biofilm Therapy

Dr. Haight uses Guided Biofilm Therapy for more in-depth and precise cleaning.
Guided Biofilm Therapy is a system designed to reveal and clean cavities, plaque, and tartar.
Guided Biofilm Therapy is a system designed to reveal and clean cavities, plaque, and tartar.


Dr. Haight will make sure your teeth are clean and ready for treatment with BacterX® Pro mouthwash.


Dental biofilm is made up of plaque, tartar, and bacteria. Dr. Haight makes it visible using the EMS Biofilm Discloser, which changes its color.


Once he can see your biofilm more clearly, Dr. Haight will clean each tooth. AIRFLOW® Max powder will help him address biofilm in gum pockets.

Gum Treatment

Has it been a while since your last cleaning? Our dentist can go more in depth, using his PERIOFLOW® nozzle and EMS PIEZON® PS Instrument to reach deep gum pockets.


Our dentist believes in doing his due diligence, so he will thoroughly examine your mouth for cavities at the end of your cleaning as well. This also lets him double-check that each tooth is clean.


For the finishing touch, Dr. Haight will apply fluoride onto your teeth. It can help keep them healthy and strong. 
Parkway Dental Hygiene Team

Parkway Dental

Dr. Michael Haight and the team at Parkway Dental in Albuquerque, NM, are proud to provide an exceptional dental experience through:

  • Comfortable, personalized treatment
  • Patient education 
  • High-quality materials and the latest technology
  • World-class care

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (505) 298-7479.

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