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"For the last five years, my wife and I have traveled to Guatemala to bring dental care to the Achi people. It has been our joy and privilege to serve the Achi peoples over the years. The need for dental as well as medical services is an ongoing project as government policies largely ignore the indigenous people groups. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to teach about prevention and to once again provide essential and necessary dental care along with fluoride and sealants." Dr. Michael Haight

Ten miles outside of electricity is where we go to bring dental care to the Achi people of Guatemala. The Achi are one of  23 Mayan peoples groups. They live in villages and have very limited access to doctors, dentists and medicine. In some cases, they have limited access to a clean water source! 

It has been a privilege to serve the Achi with my family through our church, Desert Springs Church and Community Health Evangelism. Over the years we have built sweet relationships with our partners in San Miguel Chicaj. We bring dental care as well spend time and energy to educate mothers and children about the importance of oral health. 

We give away lots of toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss. In 2015, we went to the small village of Il Lleno. It was the first time that the people were introduced to dental floss! 

Dr. Mike with Kimberly and their daughters, Anna & Taylor

Positively Impacting Albuquerque Smiles

Ivan's Story

Meet Ivan! He is nine years old and chipped his two front teeth in the first game of the season. Thankfully Ivan's dad was fast on his feet... he found the pieces of Ivan's teeth and kept them hydrated in a water bottle. Ivan and Dad met Dr. Haight at the office after hours and Dr. Haight was able to fix Ivan's broken teeth. #savethepieces

Ivan goes to a new church that meets Sunday evenings downtown at St. John's cathedral and he wants to invite you! You can find out more information here:

The Byrd's Story

Ian has Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Alyssa love but sleeping next to him was no fun.He would snore and stop breathing throughout the night. Dr. Haight created a custom oral appliance for Ian to help him get better rest. Alyssa says she can actually sleep at night now too! #savedourmarriage

Ian is a gifted musician. You can check out his music here:

McKenna's Story

McKenna always dreamed of having a beautiful smile even though she was missing two permanent teeth. Thanks to Dr. Haight's care, her dream came true! #youwouldneverknow

McKenna dances and acts with Elite Dance Theater. Check out its website for more information on upcoming prformances at

Dr. Haight and the entire Parkway Dental Team serve at the Mission of Mercy. MoM is a program of the New Mexico Dental Association Foundation. It is a large scale, two day free dental clinic. It is a place and time where dental professionals and community volunteers can come together to help provide dental care for the under served population in our state. It is a first come, first served clinic where all are welcome. This clinic is for low- or no-income New Mexicans who cannot pay for dental care. 

Featured Artists

We love our patients! Not only have they trusted us to be their dental providers, they also let us display their beautiful creations on the walls of our office! If you would be interested in displaying your work in our office, please let us know!

Ask to be our Featured Artist

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A piece by our very talented Featured Artist, Sandy Beauchamp.

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Dan D.

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