SureSmile® clear aligners can straighten your teeth comfortably and discreetly. The dentists at Parkway Dental prefer to work with SureSmile instead of other types of clear aligners because they've found that the results are more predictable. By straightening your teeth with SureSmile, you can improve your dental health and appearance.

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Yeah, Sure Smile's treatment is a clear dental aligner treatment. There's so many of them out there these days. The reason we choose Sure Smile is it's just a great product. The company's a great company. It's been around for a long time. And Sure Smile are clear liners where we can straighten out teeth. We can move teeth. We can rotate them. We can take care of crowding. We can also take care of spacing and really just align the teeth so that the patients are in better function. And they have that nice, pretty, straight smile that they've always wanted. So a great candidate is that patient that had braces in the past. Their bite is in the right place, but they just need some minor or moderate correction of alignment. Another candidate can be, at times, teenagers. As long as they are, you know, going to be, you know, be willing to wear clear liners 20 hours a day, seven days a week because you have to wear those. What I've found with Sure Smile, because I've used some of the other products, is most times that the outcome is more predictable with Sure Smile than it is with some of the other products. So that means the patient is in their clear liners a shorter amount of time. I think for those patients that, you know, haven't been pleased with, you know, their smile and their teeth and their alignment of their teeth, I think it'll help those patients have more confidence in their smile. And as well, Sure Smile will help straighten the teeth where there's no questions that straighter teeth are healthier teeth. So for patients, many times, going into Sure Smile is going to help them keep their teeth healthier and help them keep them longer.

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