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Dr. Michael Haight has placed dental implants since 1997. He understands why patients are so concerned about treatment, which is why he takes time to answer patient questions about treatment timeframes, pricing, and common worries. Rest assured that Dr. Haight will strive to keep treatment affordable and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

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[00:00:00.000] My name is Dr. Michael Haight. [00:00:01.514] I'm a practicing dentist in Albuquerque, New Mexico, [00:00:04.101] and my practice is Parkway Dental. [00:00:06.300] I understand that patients have a lot of questions [00:00:08.115] when it comes to dental implants. [00:00:10.000] The three questions that I typically get a lot is: [00:00:12.686] How much time is this going to take? How much is it going to cost? [00:00:17.000] And is it going to be painful? [00:00:19.557] When it comes to time, fortunately, [00:00:21.543] these procedures don't take very much time. [00:00:23.714] If there's careful planning, [00:00:25.401] and careful planning comes with utilization of technology, [00:00:30.400] certainly some expertise and knowledge to help make that procedure more efficient [00:00:37.157] and take fewer appointments to get that accomplished. [00:00:40.200] A single implant takes anywhere from three months to six months [00:00:44.087] for it to heal truly dependent on the quality of the bone [00:00:48.611] in which the implant is placed. [00:00:50.441] When it comes to a full arch, [00:00:51.815] you're looking similarly with the amount of time, surprisingly, [00:00:55.857] that it can take as little as three months before everything is healed completely [00:01:00.757] and the final prosthetic is done. [00:01:03.686] Part of the reason implants are so expensive, [00:01:05.743] the reason why is certainly one, [00:01:09.029] the materials are not inexpensive materials [00:01:11.844] that you're using on these cases. [00:01:13.760] You have the cost of dental implants, [00:01:16.040] and of course, you have the cost involved of the prosthetic that goes over it. [00:01:19.929] But you're also investing in the doctor's expertise, [00:01:23.100] and their knowledge, and their ability, and their skill to provide this procedure [00:01:28.157] well, effectively, predictably, [00:01:30.757] so that you receive the outcome and the smile that you ultimately desire. [00:01:34.400] One of the ways that we try to keep cost down, [00:01:37.130] certainly technology has allowed us to do things quicker, better, faster [00:01:43.257] for those patients. [00:01:44.480] If we can minimize the number of visits [00:01:47.072] that they have to have in our dental practice, [00:01:50.171] we're able to decrease the cost to us, [00:01:54.329] which subsequently we're going to decrease those costs to the patients. [00:01:57.972] For these type of cases, [00:01:59.558] it's a significant investment many times for patients. [00:02:02.600] It could be anywhere from 10,000-50,000 for some of these cases. [00:02:07.329] We offer financing if the patient needs that. [00:02:11.714] The benefit of financing is it allows you, as a patient, [00:02:14.281] to get this treatment done right away. [00:02:16.400] The reason that's important is many times, if you continue to delay the care [00:02:21.250] that you really need and deserve, [00:02:24.400] that these procedures are going to become harder, [00:02:26.673] which means it's going to take more time, and it's going to cost you more money. [00:02:29.800] The reason this process of having a full mouth of implants doesn't hurt is, [00:02:34.886] one, the body is amazing. [00:02:36.457] It's designed to heal. [00:02:38.500] I think when you have a strategy of placing these dental implants [00:02:44.886] in the right area, [00:02:45.987] you're going to minimize the amount of trauma [00:02:48.700] that you provide those patients. [00:02:50.829] Of course, the medications that we use during, [00:02:53.829] the anesthesia that we deliver, [00:02:55.615] we can do that where it's just truly painless, [00:02:57.887] and we can provide medications or them during and after [00:03:00.672] that's just going to help them recover faster, [00:03:04.071] have less swelling, less pain and discomfort. [00:03:06.900] If you're interested in dental implants, [00:03:09.143] please call our office or visit our website [00:03:12.109] and let's find out together how dental implants can improve your life.

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