Full Mouth Restoration


A full mouth restoration can address widespread dental issues and restore your ability to chew. Dr. Michael Haight has undergone advanced training in rehabilitating severely compromised smiles. He can design a custom treatment plan that may include dental implants, dentures, or other restorative techniques.

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Full mouth restorations can truly be so many things. It could be from, you know, the very basic edentulous patient that doesn't have any teeth, you know, that needs dentures or needs those dentures retained with dental implants, that can certainly be one type of full mouth restoration. Other types of full mouth restorations are patients that present with teeth that are just worn out due to grinding or clenching, potentially they have a history of sleep apnea that they've just worn down in their dentition due to grinding. Other full mouth restorations may include patients that come in that have, you know, multiple missing teeth and they may require dental implants to restore those areas that they're missing teeth, or they have may have a bunch of old dentistry that's truly just old and is now failing and is diseased and they just need their bite and mouth rehabilitated. Many times, the benefit for the patient in a full-mouth rehab is his ability to chew again where they perhaps weren't able to chew and enjoy the foods that they enjoy and desire as well many of the benefits is just long-term stability of their teeth and supporting tissue. They may breathe better when they were truly collapsed and they'd worn down their teeth by opening their bite and getting their teeth in the right position. In my years of practicing, I've had the opportunity to help a lot of patients with these type of needs. I've also done extensive training to understand, you know, how to truly, you know, restore these patients to their optimal health.

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