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Todd admits he probably didn't smile a lot for almost 30 years and after bad experiences at the dentist as a teen and issues with tooth loss and gum pain, he finally visited Dr. Michael Haight. Dr. Haight went over the pros and cons of implant dentistry, allowing Todd to choose his ideal treatment path. Thanks to in-depth communication and the use of cutting-edge technology, Todd had his smile fully and beautifully restored.

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[00:00:00.382] My mouth stayed closed a lot [00:00:01.910] and I probably didn't smile a lot for 30 years because of it, [00:00:07.855] because of embarrassment, I guess. [00:00:10.518] My name is Todd. I live in Moriarty, New Mexico. [00:00:13.936] I had full implant reconstruction. [00:00:17.900] Now I had bad experiences as a teenager with dentists. [00:00:21.842] It's a lot different back then than it is today. [00:00:24.834] The last couple of years, probably the last two years, [00:00:28.845] tooth loss, and severe pain, gum pain. [00:00:33.073] It just got to a point to where [00:00:35.255] I was fed up with it and just willing to go [00:00:38.410] and deal with it. [00:00:41.100] My original thought was just to get all my teeth pulled, get dentures, [00:00:46.117] and then I wouldn't have to worry about the tooth pain, or crooked teeth [00:00:49.518] and actually be able to smile. [00:00:52.218] My wife had had a few implants done, and she really wanted me to get that. [00:00:59.091] We were worried about the finances a little bit, [00:01:02.951] but I think when I came in to visit Dr. Haight and his team, [00:01:09.558] they gave me the options, [00:01:12.255] told me why I should do this, give me reasons why I shouldn't. [00:01:17.625] It just seemed like at my age, [00:01:20.767] it was the best option. [00:01:22.333] I just think the explanation of the procedure, [00:01:26.967] and it's step by step because there's a lot to it. [00:01:30.573] He went through it and explained it in-depth, [00:01:34.609] assured me that there would be minimal pain, [00:01:38.564] which there was really no pain. [00:01:41.282] With the extraction of the teeth, [00:01:44.800] as he put the screws in, you wouldn't even know that he did it. [00:01:49.083] Dr. Haight has communicated with me not only in the office, in extent [00:01:54.425] and listened to my concerns, [00:01:58.217] but I've also texted him as late as 10 o'clock at night. [00:02:02.017] I know Dr. Haight said that me and him are in this for the long haul, [00:02:06.336] and I believe him. [00:02:07.137] He has been every step of the way. [00:02:09.358] Oh, I think this is definitely the way to go. [00:02:13.891] Why have to remove your teeth or have them fall out or glue them in? [00:02:17.875] I mean, this is the next best thing to permanent teeth. [00:02:22.900] I'd say by far better than dentures. [00:02:26.475] I've known a lot of people that wear dentures. [00:02:29.292] My father wore them for 40 years and he hated them [00:02:34.336] because of them falling out of the glues. [00:02:37.608] This is by far the best way to go. [00:02:40.191] It's good to be happy. [00:02:42.573] It's good to have people see you smile.

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