Do you need to wear dentures but would you like to take your dentures to the next level using state-of-the-art technology? Dr. Michael Haight offers All-on-X, a technique that can support a full arch denture using a few dental implants. The results are stunning and realistic; patients can expect a natural-looking smile with fully restored dental health and oral function.

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[00:00:00.000] My name is Dr. Michael Haight. [00:00:01.557] I'm a practicing dentist in Albuquerque, New Mexico, [00:00:04.129] and my practice is Parkway Dental. [00:00:06.100] It's quite frequent that we find patients that come in the door [00:00:09.201] that have been walking around [00:00:10.258] with missing one tooth or several teeth for a long time [00:00:13.858] and maybe don't understand what can be done [00:00:18.201] to get a tooth back in their mouth so that they can smile and chew. [00:00:22.686] But it's truly easy these days to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant. [00:00:27.757] If patients are walking around [00:00:29.330] with inflammation or infection in their teeth, [00:00:32.557] first of all, it isn't healthy. [00:00:34.243] We're all aware of the oral systemic connection [00:00:36.572] of just the inflammatory diseases in our mouth [00:00:39.644] and how that affects our heart, [00:00:41.729] how that affects other systems in our body, [00:00:44.487] how that potentially affects our brain. [00:00:47.543] It's urgent for those patients [00:00:49.114] to get rid of that inflammation and infection. [00:00:51.960] The nice thing in dentistry now is we can do procedures [00:00:56.129] where we can remove all those unhealthy teeth, [00:00:59.400] get rid of that inflammation and that infection that's affecting them, [00:01:02.521] and provide an All-on-X prosthetic, a full arch of dental implants, [00:01:09.729] where they can get back to health [00:01:11.715] and get back to chewing and enjoying life again. [00:01:15.486] In those cases where patients are missing teeth or they have a denture, [00:01:18.986] they can lose bone very quickly. [00:01:20.870] They can lose half the bone that they have [00:01:23.321] within a short amount of time, within 3-5 years. [00:01:27.986] It can be very rapid in some cases, [00:01:29.971] especially if the patient's health isn't very good. [00:01:32.514] I believe that the All-on-X is a procedure that should last a patient a lifetime. [00:01:36.329] Of course, that patient will have maintenance. [00:01:38.758] The procedure of All-on-X is very safe. [00:01:41.986] Providing that you have a good patient, a healthy patient that you can do this on. [00:01:48.114] Dental implants have a high success rate. [00:01:50.586] They have one of the highest success rates in dentistry. [00:01:53.271] Providing we have a healthy patient, [00:01:56.372] a healthy host, [00:01:57.630] we have good bone that we're going to place those implants in, [00:02:01.386] as well as the patient being compliant. [00:02:05.100] If you have several missing teeth or multiple teeth with decay, [00:02:09.500] please call our office [00:02:10.600] so that we can regain what you have lost [00:02:12.858] or have been missing with an All-on-X dental implant.

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