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Do you hide your smile because of tooth loss? You're not alone and Dr. Michael Haight can help. He can create a natural-looking denture that can be supported with dental implants. Thanks to the All-on-X implant dentistry process, patients who were missing teeth can smile with confidence, eat their favorite foods, and enjoy restored oral function and dental health.

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[00:00:00.000] My name is Dr. Michael Haight. [00:00:01.800] I'm a dentist in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and my practice is Parkway Dental. [00:00:05.914] As people, we're designed to be social. [00:00:08.190] We're designed to have relationship [00:00:10.486] with people and have that communication and be involved in each other's lives. [00:00:16.129] If you're not happy about your smile, and you're ashamed of the way you look [00:00:21.443] socially, you hide those things [00:00:23.657] and you turn into somebody that you're truly not. [00:00:26.857] There's really only one long term solution when patients are missing teeth, [00:00:31.029] and that's an all-on-X implant prosthetic. [00:00:36.000] Those patients that have dentures, those are really short term solutions, [00:00:40.000] and those patients are going to have problems [00:00:41.858] with their dentures loosening up and their inability to chew teeth. [00:00:46.586] If you're a patient that really wants to be able to chew [00:00:49.701] and function like you had natural teeth, truly the only solution for you [00:00:53.630] is multiple implants that have a prosthetic that are screwed to them. [00:00:58.080] That the only way they come off is the dentist takes them off. [00:01:01.286] But when it comes to functionality, when you just choose an all-on-X procedure [00:01:06.829] those patients can function 90 % as good as normal human beings can [00:01:10.814] with their natural teeth. [00:01:12.457] You really gain a lot of function. [00:01:15.157] You can chew much better than those patients that chew a denture. [00:01:19.271] Patients that have dentures probably chew 10 % is good. [00:01:22.910] They somehow figure out ways to eat, but they can't really chew [00:01:26.758] as well as that person that decides to have something fixed on some implants. [00:01:31.786] The benefit of having an all-on-X procedure [00:01:34.372] is it's going to feel natural to you. [00:01:36.600] It's going to look like you have natural teeth. [00:01:39.840] People aren't going to be able to tell that you're missing teeth. [00:01:42.700] Many times your smile is going to be that smiley [00:01:45.089] that you've always desired. [00:01:46.886] You'll be able to just function [00:01:48.858] and be a normal person out there in society [00:01:51.920] and feel really good about yourself and satisfied with your life. [00:01:57.629] If you're missing multiple teeth or if you have no teeth at all, [00:02:00.657] please call our office for a free consultation [00:02:03.448] so that we can determine which full-arch solutions [00:02:06.257] will work best for you.

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