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Clayton's dental health went downhill starting in his early 20s and after decades of damaged teeth and tooth extractions, he wound up with weak and uncomfortable partial dentures. Clayton finally met with Dr. Michael Haight, who suggested removing all of his compromised teeth and creating custom dentures that could be firmly anchored in place with dental implants. Today, Clayton is pain-free and can smile with absolute confidence.

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[00:00:00.000] I wouldn't even look myself in the mouth. [00:00:01.960] It was something that I didn't want to see. [00:00:04.400] I wore my beard really long, to where you couldn't see my mouth. [00:00:07.720] That's how I hid it, I guess you could say. [00:00:10.643] A lot of people weren't aware that I had that problem. [00:00:13.759] Hi there, Clayton Smith. [00:00:15.875] I'm from Albuquerque. [00:00:17.143] I just had full arch restoration done [00:00:20.417] by Dr Michael Haight. [00:00:22.308] With my dental history, it started out in my early 20s. [00:00:26.483] My teeth would just break randomly and I would go in crowns, fillings. [00:00:31.920] Then as I got older in my 30s, I started getting teeth pulled. [00:00:36.808] It's just been downhill ever since then. [00:00:40.108] It was just find the dentist that a friend would recommend. [00:00:44.008] He would do some work, a lot of it was temporary. [00:00:46.270] I would never go back, get the work finished, and it would fail. [00:00:50.440] It got to the point where I had just given up. [00:00:53.317] I have had partial dentures in the past, and that didn't work for me. [00:00:58.575] It didn't feel permanent, didn't feel strong. [00:01:02.400] It was hard to eat with. [00:01:04.400] They didn't feel normal. [00:01:05.658] When I finally came into Dr Haight, [00:01:08.267] it was to the point where I had [00:01:09.958] one and a half teeth touching basically in the front, [00:01:12.957] and it made it extremely hard to eat [00:01:14.850] and didn't even know how to smile at that point. [00:01:18.267] Dr Haight went over my options. [00:01:21.058] Basically, our options were get rid of everything, start over. [00:01:24.383] The thing I was most looking forward to is the permanence of it and the strength [00:01:28.708] because you can eat whatever you want to eat. [00:01:31.050] It's not like where you have a denture [00:01:32.551] where you have to cut the corn off of the cob. [00:01:35.867] I wanted something that could get me as close back to where I was as possible. [00:01:40.867] Dr Haight would call and check on me after the surgery and stuff. [00:01:44.226] I think it was even on a Saturday or a Sunday, he called [00:01:47.583] and actually called to check in on me. [00:01:49.560] That was pretty cool. [00:01:51.080] The hard part about doing all this is I didn't even know how to smile. [00:01:55.008] When I would talk, I wouldn't use my mouth. [00:01:57.433] I would try to cover my teeth when I talked. [00:01:59.880] It's still a process. [00:02:01.720] I'm still trying to learn. [00:02:03.040] It just feels foreign to actually want to smile with your teeth. [00:02:07.083] Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I'm surprised, [00:02:12.300] but I am getting used to it. [00:02:13.667] It's been a long process, but worth every second. [00:02:16.317] Parkway Dental and Dr Haight have been nothing but professional, [00:02:21.542] and I have appreciated everything they've done for me. [00:02:25.292] You can tell they care about their people here. [00:02:28.200] They care about their technology, [00:02:30.067] and that's why I stuck with it. [00:02:32.033] If I had to tell somebody [00:02:34.733] what it was like to walk into a place looking the way I did [00:02:39.683] there's no two ways to put it. [00:02:42.026] It was absolutely embarrassing. [00:02:44.292] It took me years and years of pain [00:02:47.640] to finally admit to myself I needed to go do this. [00:02:51.000] The way these people here at Parkway Dental [00:02:53.533] and Dr Michael Haight made me feel, I would do it again. [00:02:57.517] Anybody who is going through that stuff, just give in and go get help.

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