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Dr. Michael Haight offers different sedation dentistry options to help dental implant patients overcome anxiety. This includes the use of oral sedatives and IV sedation. Dr. Haight can determine the right sedation method based on your level of anxiety. You can count on the team at Parkway Dental to help you feel relaxed and cared for.

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[00:00:00.115] My name is Dr. Michael Haight. [00:00:01.587] I'm a practicing dentist in Albuquerque, New Mexico, [00:00:04.157] and I practice at Parkway Dental. [00:00:05.900] One of the major reasons that patients avoid seeing the dentist [00:00:08.658] is just anxiety, the fear of the unknown. [00:00:12.586] Is this going to hurt? How much time is it going to take? [00:00:16.971] The good news in dentistry is we have the way to help those patients [00:00:21.187] get through anxiety through sedation. [00:00:23.841] There's different levels of sedation that can be offered now. [00:00:26.357] Yeah, so typically, the patient that receives sedation is somebody, [00:00:30.115] of course, first that's anxious, but also a patient that's going to need [00:00:33.572] a lot of dental work done, specifically for these all on X cases [00:00:38.114] where we're removing unhealthy teeth, we're replacing missing teeth. [00:00:43.114] But also can be used if patients have multiple teeth with decay [00:00:46.958] and they're going to need crowns and other restorations done. [00:00:50.500] We can also use sedation to help those patients [00:00:53.554] get that dental work done in one visit, decrease their anxiety [00:00:58.214] and help them have a better experience. [00:01:00.400] Yeah, so oral sedation is typically some tablet that the patient would take. [00:01:04.187] It's an anti-anexiolithic that typically [00:01:07.257] they would take the night before to help them rest. [00:01:10.086] Then normally, they would take that same tablet [00:01:12.258] one hour prior to the appointment. [00:01:14.471] Oral sedation is going to be more just to help calm them down, [00:01:19.043] to help them get through the door and help them just relax. [00:01:23.501] They're going to be aware of everything that's done during the procedure. [00:01:27.314] They'll know what we're doing. We'll be able to converse with them. [00:01:30.629] Yeah, other levels of sedation [00:01:32.001] that we offer in our practice is IV sedation as well. [00:01:36.600] That would be administered, of course, in an IV. [00:01:41.029] The benefit of that is we can administer meds that are really going to decrease, [00:01:45.815] substantially decrease that patient's anxiety. [00:01:49.029] We typically get a little bit of amnesia effect, [00:01:52.257] which you probably won't remember [00:01:55.886] everything that happened in that procedure. [00:01:58.329] Sometimes that's good to just have a little bit of a piece of your life [00:02:02.086] that you don't quite remember, especially when you have a lot of anxiety [00:02:05.215] and fear associated with that. [00:02:07.329] The other benefit of IV sedation is we can give them some medications [00:02:10.258] that help them with pain during, help them with pain after, [00:02:14.257] and also decrease inflammation [00:02:16.429] so that they have just quicker healing times. [00:02:18.943] What we try to do to help patient's anxiety [00:02:21.818] is certainly have an environment [00:02:23.957] that's conducive to just feeling comfortable. [00:02:27.157] We want the patient when they walk through the door, [00:02:29.714] to feel like they're in a familiar place. [00:02:32.400] We want to treat them [00:02:33.630] like they're friends that we've known forever. [00:02:37.000] We want them to feel good about where they're at [00:02:39.614] and that we're going to take good care of them [00:02:42.629] and visit with them how we can do that, [00:02:44.657] how we can make that patient experience comfortable, [00:02:47.371] that we can help them with their anxiety [00:02:50.243] and the methods in which we do that. [00:02:52.114] If you have fear of going to the dentist or you have dental anxiety, [00:02:56.086] please call our office for a free consultation [00:02:58.886] so that we can help you get back what you have lost [00:03:02.071] with the use of sedation.

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