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At Parkway Dental, we can prepare your tooth for crown placement, manufacture the crown, and place the crown all in one appointment. Thanks to our digital technology, you can actually work alongside us to determine the shape and appearance of your crown. Our single-visit approach saves patients the headaches and inconvenience of ill-fitting, temporary crowns.

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The advantages of a single-visit crown is, of course, just one visit. The patient walks in the door and we've made the patient numb, provided them good anesthesia in that area, and we've prepared the tooth for the crown in front of them, which is fun. And I always say, is the interactive part of our program, is we can show them what we've scanned and we can design in front of them, within minutes, what their crown is going to look like. And they can actually be an interactive part of that in seeing the shape, and the size, and what it's going to look like. And then we can mill it out in our 3D CNC machine. So I've found over the years, what we've eliminated is many situations where the bite isn't just perfect and has to be adjusted or where the tooth just doesn't fit well and there's space in between the tooth, you know, which is going to require sending that crown back to another, you know, back to the lab and requires several appointments. It's a very accurate process. We use the best materials that are out there and they walk away with a tooth or a crown that's as strong as their natural teeth.

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