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For years, other dentists told Sharon that her dental health was fine and all she needed was regular checkups but as she got older, it felt like her mouth was falling apart. Sharon met with Dr. Haight to discuss her treatment options. Throughout her consultation, she always felt like she was listened to and in control of her oral health decisions; thanks to treatment, Sharon doesn't have to hide her smile and can enjoy many of her favorite foods again.

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[00:00:00.000] I was caught off by surprise a little bit [00:00:02.401] because my reports would normally be looking good, "Good job, Sharon. [00:00:07.730] Just keep up what you're doing and come back in six months." [00:00:12.457] The older I got... [00:00:14.871] I'm 78 this year. [00:00:17.771] It seemed like my mouth wanted to fall apart. [00:00:20.843] When I reached the conclusion to see if this was the right treatment [00:00:24.600] is after I made a point with Dr. Haight, he did the initial examination, [00:00:29.214] and it was at probably one-hour, two-hour visit [00:00:33.971] that he showed what he could do and what he couldn't do [00:00:36.730] and what he would recommend. [00:00:38.957] He tried to analyze what I wanted. [00:00:41.320] He made me feel real comfortable about the work. [00:00:45.081] I didn't really receive any pressure. [00:00:47.338] It was very calming to come to the dentist. [00:00:51.443] It seems weird. [00:00:53.615] Most people would not say it's calming to go to the dentist. [00:00:56.957] When it came to the actual treatment involved, [00:00:59.343] the patient that I got the impression he was always in charge of what they want [00:01:03.100] with the recommendations from the doctor and what he thinks needs to be done. [00:01:07.986] What made our life much easier was the equipment he has in here [00:01:13.171] to be able to do all these different treatments. [00:01:16.529] As far as what I care to eat, [00:01:19.160] I managed with the crappy teeth I had in my mouth, [00:01:22.238] but now the corn on the cob, even chocolates and things like that [00:01:26.671] are much easier to eat. [00:01:29.114] I've got my chewing ability back, and it's making life much more wonderful. [00:01:35.043] As far as the work that the doctor has completed thus far, [00:01:39.514] I gave him an A plus, plus, plus because I'm very happy with it. [00:01:43.514] Going down, and I don't feel like I've got to hide my teeth anymore. [00:01:47.771] I'd be self-conscious about that. [00:01:50.240] I have to learn how to smile again [00:01:51.972] because I'd hated to expose my teeth before. [00:01:55.329] Now as this progresses, [00:01:58.629] it's very easy to start learning that again. [00:02:01.500] If somebody was real reluctant [00:02:05.657] to go to the dentist for previous bad experiences or whatever the reason, [00:02:11.286] I would say that they need to make an appointment with Dr. Haight. [00:02:15.801] He's very easy, approachable. [00:02:19.743] You don't feel any pressure. [00:02:22.671] Give you an honest idea of what's required. [00:02:25.401] He's very gentle. [00:02:27.586] You'll probably have a totally different impression of a dentist. [00:02:31.300] If you have the courage, [00:02:33.586] just come in for an exam and hear what he can do for you.

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