Dr. Michael D. Haight is an experienced dentist who uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure patient comfort and safety. An Albuquerque native, he's placed dental implants since 1997. Dr. Haight wants all of his patients to have a healthy and beautiful smile, which can be achieved through advanced dental work as well as regular checkups for preventative care.

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[00:00:00.000] I think for most people, [00:00:01.600] it's probably they've had a bad experience growing up as a kid. [00:00:05.750] Either they had a lot of dental needs, [00:00:08.301] the amount of time that they had to spend in a dental office to get procedures done, [00:00:12.414] or probably just the dentist didn't take great care of them, [00:00:15.458] they probably hurt them. [00:00:16.657] The good news is now dentistry has come a long way, [00:00:19.639] and we can really do dentistry every single day [00:00:22.144] that it just doesn't hurt people. [00:00:24.200] I'm Dr. Michael Haight. [00:00:26.086] I'm a dentist practicing here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. [00:00:29.200] I've been placing implants now since 1997, so 26 years. [00:00:34.357] Our mission is to take great care of our patients [00:00:37.071] from the time that they walk in the door and they see a friendly face, [00:00:40.560] from the time they get dental treatment done and that they have a great experience [00:00:45.357] that we take great care of them, that when they leave [00:00:49.366] they're in a better situation with their dental health than when they came in. [00:00:53.571] Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I'm surprised, [00:00:58.729] but I am getting used to it. [00:01:00.115] It's been a long process, but worth every second. [00:01:02.886] I believe it's critical these days to be on top of continuing education [00:01:08.160] and be at the forefront of what's happening in dentistry. [00:01:11.514] Early on, the technique was very surgically driven. [00:01:15.643] We would have the patients come in, we'd all gown up like a surgeon. [00:01:20.710] We'd have the patient rinse with all concotions. [00:01:24.470] What's changed since I first placed my first dental implant in 1997 [00:01:28.972] is truly technology, [00:01:30.357] especially 3D technology has allowed us to really streamline [00:01:35.314] that procedure where it's just much simpler than what it ever was. [00:01:40.520] Our outcomes are more predictable. [00:01:42.670] The patients have better experiences and better long-term outcomes. [00:01:47.390] If somebody was really reluctant [00:01:51.129] to go to the dentist for a previous bad experiences or whatever the reason, [00:01:56.143] I would say that they need to make an appointment with Dr. Haight. [00:02:00.771] He's very easy, approachable, he's very gentle. [00:02:06.300] You'll probably have a totally different impression of dentists [00:02:09.871] if you have the courage to just come in for an exam [00:02:14.058] and hear what he can do for you. [00:02:16.172] One of the misconceptions is that many times they could just take care of it [00:02:19.944] on their own, buy an electric toothbrush [00:02:21.983] and see the dentist when there's a problem. [00:02:24.230] Unfortunately, many times, if they wait that long, [00:02:27.144] it's not a small problem anymore, it's usually a big problem. [00:02:30.129] If we sit down and carefully discover from their patient [00:02:34.541] their concerns about previous dental work that they've had in the past that maybe [00:02:40.048] have created some of those misconceptions, really find out what they want [00:02:45.129] and what they desire, I think we can sit with those patients and create a strategy [00:02:50.657] to help them achieve the goals of their teeth, their smile, [00:02:55.697] their ability to chew and function. [00:02:58.543] You really need to care about that person, listen to them closely, [00:03:03.271] and determine what that is for them.

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